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Find out about the latest Electric Guard Dog service tech opportunities and learn how our recruiting process works. Click on available positions listed below for more information and to apply through Bessire & Associates, our recruiting partner.

Area Service Technician — Sacramento, CA

Area Service Technician — St. Louis, MO

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Our Process: How to Become a Service Tech for Electric Guard Dog

Electric Guard Dog plays Moneyball in the security market. By that, we mean we look for transferable skills inside and more frequently, outside the security market.

If you're going to be happy and successful in a career with Electric Guard Dog, you need to have:

  • The minimum skill set to do the job
  • The willingness to learn the specifics of how we do business
  • The desire to help commercial companies protect themselves from crooks
  • A sense of humor and flexibility to work in a high-growth company where things change quickly

In a high-growth company, we are continually recruiting new talent. We want to help you understand the fit with Electric Guard Dog as quickly as possible to respect your time and ours. Therefore, we have developed the following recruitment process:

  • We use Bessire & Associates as our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner. Your application will go to Jason Bessire and Sharon Cousar for review. (We advertise for about 4 weeks.)
  • Applications that most closely fit the recruiting specification will be given to Electric Guard Dog.
  • Applicants who most closely fit the specification will be interviewed via Skype.
  • After the Skype interview, applicants who most closely fit the specification will be invited to an in-person interview in the target city.
  • To expedite your application, please respond promptly to questions from Bessire & Associates. Although we understand and appreciate your desire to stand out, please do not contact Electric Guard Dog executives directly. They will simply redirect you to Bessire & Associates.
  • The job search process is a stressful one for everyone involved. We will try to move through it in the most efficient way possible for you and Electric Guard Dog.